Q: Where dat great cajun restaurant in Bloomington?
A: Dats on Grant!

Cajun food was originally made to be a nutritious and inexpensive meal. A tasty blend of nutrition and economy, served with a lot of love and a lot of spices, it's purpose was to nourish - not impress.

You have to appreciate the irony, then, that today most cajun restaurants serve up this formerly economical menu at prices that make your eyes water long before the tabasco kicks in.

Not so at DATS. We serve the same tasty economical foods loved in the bayou for generations. You can eat here often, and the only tears you'll shed are tears of joy!

For more info, please click the menu link for yourself to see what delights await!
I spent a few years for graduate school in Bloomington in the 90's. I try to get back once or twice a year, and I have a short list of must-visit, favorite restaurants. Dats has complicated things for me, since now I have to squeeze a meal in there in addition to my old favorite haunts. The food's that good, and the old house is a great, cozy atmosphere to dine in.

Ed Fitzgerald