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Customer Comments

I lived in Bloomington for 7 years, from 2004-2007 and 2009-2011. In all that time, I only found a few restaurants that I really loved: Le Petit Cafe, Snow Lion, and some others. But above them all, easily, was Dats. This is an unsolicited testimonial that I'm only writing because I was feeling sentimental, so trust me when I say that at Dats you get a ton of very filling food for an excellent price (and the leftovers are awesome), and what's more-- the food is exquisite. The bourbon chicken stew is one of the best things I've tasted in my entire life. The datwich and voodoowich are incredible, but what I like to do is get two things-- maybe the crawfish etoufee and the red beans and rice-- and some extra rolls and make my own sandwiches as I eat. Always ask what's new or different about the menu, because you'll be thrilled when you try the corn and rice or, especially, the thai peanut etoufee (spicy!). The thing I miss about Bloomington the most is not campus life, it's not the lack of responsibility, or even the college girls. It's Dats.

Andrew Schneider

I spent a few years for graduate school in Bloomington in the 90's. I try to get back once or twice a year, and I have a short list of must-visit, favorite restaurants. Dats has complicated things for me, since now I have to squeeze a meal in there in addition to my old favorite haunts. The food's that good, and the old house is a great, cozy atmosphere to dine in.

Ed Fitzgerald

This is my favorite place in town. The food is always good and ready quickly. I could literally eat at Dats everyday. My only gripe is trying to find parking.


Rain or shine, it's always nice to get out on Saturday mgoninrs. Thanks Brian for getting out there this past Saturday. We are not afraid of a little rain! Besides, it wasn't raining for most of the run


When my wife and I came up to Bloomington from New Orleans after Katrina we were sad and hungry.
We're not hungry any more.
I get a carry out and my car smells like I'm driving home to the Irish Channel on Magazine.